Monday, January 01, 2007

This just in!

From Sam Larkin, mentor to a million Toronto songwriters, lunatic extraordinaire, and author of exquisite toonz:


Happy New Year!

oh mah geeze i'm nervous i never sent no spam before. but hold on, this ain't spam because i have no spam list, no mailing list. i don't believe in it. but it's now 2 hours and 25 minutes into 2007 and things are happenin differently. or are they? i'm tryin to get to the point, here.

starting yesterday, Dec. 31, 2006, and going forward into the unknown, sam larkin now writes, records and publishes a new song each day at one click to the page "today's song", click on that player and ears receive. also you can follow the lyrics printed right there on the same page. is this ridiculous? this is ridiculous! but what can be done? -- it's 2007.

while we're at it, if you're around Toronto this coming Thursday, January 4th, 2007, sam is playing at the Cameron House, 408 Queen Street West, accompanied by Eric Newby on guitar and dobro. it's a triple bill, and also playing are two wonderful artists who have got it good: Mellisa Mills, and James Carroll. starts at 9 pm on the nose and a hat will be passed sometime.

okay, hold on, lemme just hold out my glass and receive another pour of, is that Drambuey? what the devil IS Drambuey, anyway, some kinda raki, or is zat ... woops, watch that cat, oh geeze, ra

ki in the
g, r
f d but nooiw it wornt

typ wrth

a shrrrrrrrrtg
6 89-0(_9(87*(*^@



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