Friday, February 02, 2007

The dusty-foot philosopher

OK, I'm not a huge fan of hip-hop, but once in a long while something comes along that grabs me by the pants (Crabbuckit, anyone?) Dig this, kids: it's K'naan (pronounced KAY-non).

There's a little bit of Eminem's flava in his flow, but his lyrics are a million miles from the usual (c)rap, and his production's stellar; dig his use of the Baka Forest People's "Water Drums" in the first cut below. The record's awesome front to back, so go get it already.

•K'naan: Wash it Down (MP3)
•K'naan: My Old Home (MP3)
•K'naan: My God! (MP3)

•K'naan home myspace

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Anonymous said...

This was good, if you like it you should check out The Blue Scholars-"No Rest For the Weary". Hip-Hop with a message other than bitches and bling.