Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Aubadecast 1.1

Well, after knocking myself out making mixed CDs all last year (which will, in a while, be archived on this site for those who feel they're missing out, or who have scratched theirs up, or something) I came to the conclusion that there must be a more efficient way of going about this whole business of sorting through and sharing music. Hence the first installment in an experimental series of podcasts. Each one is designed to be burned on an 80 minute CD and listened to like a regular mixtape, but there are no track breaks. This gets around the problem of you white-eyed devils who take my mixes, cram them track-by-track onto your iPods, and never hear them in their immaculately sequenced glory. Take that.

The first immaculately sequenced podcast is an only-ever-so-slightly-tweaked version of eighty minutes in the life of my iPod on shuffle.

This is what happened: during the course of getting the first Quarterly Report disc of 2008 ready (all the songs were in the playlist; I was winnowing the last 20 minutes of extraneous tunes out and assembling a sequence) iTunes crashed and lost my library file. All playlists: gone. "Last played" tracking back only to last September. In other words: royally hooped.

Gamely (I thought), once the weeping subsided I took this radical disorganization of my digital music collection as an opportunity to revisit some stuff I hadn't paid much attention to first time 'round. iPod: autofill randomly! Press play and...

The next two hours were spent with my hands in an electical panel (not live) and my ears on cloud nine. Tons of great stuff I hadn't given two thoughts about were laid out end to end like Dorothy Parker's girls at Brandeis in a pleasing and often surprising sequence.

Or maybe it's just me.

Download the inaugural Aubade podcast (via Megaupload; ignore the "girl of your dreams" ads, enter the code, wait 45 seconds, then cram the rawk into your hard-drive).


Track listing:

French Film Blurred
Wire • Driver Surprise Me The National • War Pigs Cake • People Gonna Talk James Hunter • Billy Gillian Welch • Étienne D'août (version radio) Malajube • I'll Fly Away Goose Creek Symphony • All Over Again Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings • Hockey Monkey The Zambonis featuring James Kochalka Superstar • The Fool Neutral Milk Hotel • Dearest Forsaken Iron & Wine • Reservations Jeff Tweedy • The Youth Are Getting Restless Bad Brains • Stand Down Margaret English Beat • All The Old Showstoppers The New Pornographers • Lullabye Cracker • Up With People Oneida • Dark Star The Mabuses • Things Don't Change The Reivers • Get Ready To Ride The Lion Culture • Faraway You Marah


Fee said...

Wife loves a Stand Down Maragret!

jon said...

well damn, I did not know that this was all a-happening. Now that I do I feel that it must be the best Valentines Day surprise a girl could ever wish for

Anonymous said...

Well whadya know...The Reivers. Goo d tune, huh?

Anonymous said...

M bought me a SoundDock portable- cause small presses pay so well. Inaugural podcast to get pole position. Pauly.

Clint said...

Hey hoss, nice touch with the James Hunter but gotta admit: techno? I didn't see that one coming...Still, burnin' and playin' and lovin'