Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I begin to lurch back into the land of the internet people

After a summer of trauma, much relieved by Clint's generous loan of his laptop, we stagger into autumn on a G4 tower upgraded with memory galore but creaking through a newer, bigger OS on a slow and remarkably unreliable 1999 processor. But we are up and ... if not running, at least walking, ladies and germs. Thank you for your patience.

Aubadecast 1.4 is mere days away from being posted. In the meantime, feel free to visit Aubade at where you can glom onto an RSS feed of this 'cast and even request its presence at iTunes. Which I'm pretty sure will violate every RIAA regulation going.

In the meantime: Do you want commentary on these things, as though I'm your late-night FM radio host, or do you prefer the "traditional mixtape" feel of the uninterrupted sequence? Please let me know your preference in the comments section. Gold stars for robot boys and girls who drop a line.

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