Thursday, October 23, 2008

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Please allow me to introduce you to a heroic blogger, someone who should be given the Order of Canada: Beau Levitt of Toronto, whose blog 5 Bucks on By-Tor chronicles constant listening to the almost-unheard, the always-ignored, the has-beens, the never-wases, the couldn't-have-beens and other relics of the vinyl era in Canada. Where else are you going to find tracks by Thorsby, Alberta's Bob Ruzicka?

As a casual collector of weird, under-the-radar Canadian vinyl myself, something I really appreciate is Levitt's tolerance for musical genres outside the rock-country-folk axis. (A tolerance I lack. A lot.) He's a generous listener and a good writer, and if there's a blog heaven he's assured a place in it.

Be sure to check out his other websites: It Came From Canada and The Thrifty Digger.


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Kevin McGowan said...

Beau Levitt is the coolest dood ever, IMO.

staggerlee said...

Yer not half bad yerself, Kev.