Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Battle of the song titles, v. 2.0

"... brought down to a pile of rubble. Meanwhile, in the occupied territory known as 'Canada,' two rebel groups are fighting over another piece of real estate: the song title 'Shine a Light.' Originally claimed by the more liberal Southern churches, it was occupied in 1972 when The Rolling Stones staged a coup d'├ętat. In 2005, however, these bands of desperate, bloodthirsty youth overtook the territory, and its ownership remains in dispute. Which will emerge victorious is anybody's guess. Listen for yourself. For Aubade News, I'm Stack o' Lee wishing you all a little more light this Solstice."

•The Constantines: Shine a Light (via RapidShare)
•Wolf Parade: Shine a Light (via RapidShare)

The Constantines home myspace Radio 3
Wolf Parade home myspace Radio 3

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