Monday, December 25, 2006

TV On The Radio on the Radio

This fantastic TVOTR show (on Minnesota Public Radio, no less) comes courtesy of B(oot)log, but his links are no longer active. I'm here to give this show a second life on your iPod (the MPR stream is great if you sit at a desk all day, but unfortunately those of us with hammers in our hands don't have the luxury).

(Side note: I'm lucky as hell I can tote an iPod to work, actually—most of the jobsites I've been on won't allow them, but I've been on some cushy ones lately.)

TVOMPR (Three songs and two interview snippets as a StuffIt file via RapidShare. Please let me know, windows users, if you can't unzip this.)

•(edit: apparently Windows users can't unzip. Here, then, are the 3 songs. The interviews aren't that fascinating anyhow.)
>Young Liars (via RapidShare)
>Dry Drunk Emperor (via RapidShare)
>Wash the Day Away (via RapidShare)

•Buy TVOTR's EPs and first album from eMusic.

TVOTR dot com


Anonymous said...

Well done, suh!

I may have a better and cheaper solution for your MP3 hosting than rapidshare.. I'll let you know soon.


staggerlee said...

Yeah, Rapidshare's cumbersome, but it's free, and unlike YouSendIt the files will stay up as long as people keep using them. If you know of some server space I could use for hosting MP3s, that would rock.