Sunday, April 08, 2007

Nothin' to do?

If you're at loose ends after Easter dinner tonight (or better yet, if you don't have one to go to), then by all means head down to the HiFi Club to see one of the best lineups I can imagine in Canadian indie rock.

The Constantines are playing with Jon-Rae and the River and Ladyhawk. A cornucopia, to be sure. The Constantines are well known for their furious live performances, Ladyhawk gave a great, noisy CBC Session, and though I've been ambivalent about Jon-Rae and the River's fauxy-classic-southern-rock leanings I'm sure they put on a hell of a live show. Sad to miss it.

Check Radio 3's concert calendar for stops further west. (They'll be in Canmore tomorrow night...)

•The Constantines: Insectivora (via RapidShare)
•Ladyhawk: The Dugout (via RapidShare)
•Jon-Rae and the River: Nothing to Do (via RapidShare)

all three artists are available through eMusic's no-strings 25 free MP3s offer.

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