Monday, May 28, 2007

Back to the 'Gaz

Awfu' quiet 'round these parts. I've been busy writing blurbs (Oops, not supposed to call them blurbs) for the Calgary Folk Music Festival program guide, and making electrical things go boom, and being a human snot factory, and chopping wood, and gearing up for the next Quarterly Report CD (if you haven't downloaded the current one, get it while you can). How 'bout you?

So anyhow, I've been driving a vehicle with a CD player, so my new-music-listening-ability has been on the slimmer side. That said, I've been able to dig out a few older gems that deserve a second glance. Take Fugazi's 1998 album, End Hits, for example. Not something I paid a lot of attention to at the time, and not something I think to pull out every day. But whotta mind-whacking slab o' crunchy goodness!

•Fugazi: Floating Boy (via RapidShare)
•Fugazi: Arpeggiator (via RapidShare)

Fugazi's entire catalogue available through eMusic — 25 free MP3s for free, no strings attached!

30 live Fugazi shows

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