Saturday, June 02, 2007

The National: 4-song EP

Here they are, L&G'men, this week's buzz band, The National. Unlike last autumn's bande-du-jour, The Hold Steady, who not only jumped the shark with their cover of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" but began to grate after only about a week's exposure, The National actually get better with repeated listening. I wasn't all that impressed with them at first, but now every time one of their songs comes 'round on shuffle, I get all excited: "Hey, I love this song!"

That said, if you never liked Leonard Cohen, The Smiths, or The Afghan Whigs (to name three mope-rock artists from three previous decades), you probably won't dig The National.

But enough of this! Listen and love.

•The National: Murder Me Rachael (MP3) (from Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers)
•The National: Fake Empire (via RapidShare) (from Boxer)
•The National: Karen (via RapidShare) (from Alligator)

Special Super Bonus Action: The National 4-song live EP from Spinner dot com (thakns to Bradley for the link)

Every damn note The National ever recorded is available legitimately and super-cheap from eMusic -- try it out with 25 free no-strings-attached downloads!

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