Friday, March 21, 2008

Aubadecast 1.2

Well! Time does surely fly, and I can't believe it's already the beginning of February and time for another edition of—

What? Nearly the end of March, you say? Well, shit. I wondered why the weather was so uncharacteristically nice.

Without further ado, then, allow me to trot out the Aubade Podcast version 1.2. This month's installment features some very fine musics.

Track 1 is for David. I began two consecutive mixtapes for him in the late '90s which began with the studio version of this song, after which he wrote me something to the effect of "Please don't put this song on any more mixtapes for me. I like it, but it makes me want to go out and kill my kin."

Track 20 is for Jason.

Track 14 is extremely interesting in that I know of no other band who has ripped off the sound of Ringo Starr's solo albums. Don't you just adore it?

Track 18 is for those of you who got the idea from Aubadecast 1 that Oneida are some kind of techno band.

1. Caleb Meyer Gillian Welch & David Rawlings
2. Real Love American Princes
3. Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar (live) Bob Dylan
4. 100 Million Little Bombs Buddy Miller
5. Devastation The Besnard Lakes
6. Fourth Time Around (Bob Dylan cover) Yo La Tengo
7. New Orange Bike Sister Suvi
8. Nobody's Dirty Business Mississippi John Hurt
9. I Left My Heart in Iran Forgotten Rebels
10. Bring It On Home To Me (Sam Cooke cover) Britt Daniel
11. Aly, Walk With Me The Raveonettes
12. Stranger Than Fools Jesse Malin
13. Route 23 Chatham County Line
14. Who Cares What The Question Is? The Bees
15. Sidewalk Chalk The A Sides
16. Personal Stars
17. Heart It Races (Architecture in Helsinki cover) Dr. Dog
18. All Arounder Oneida
19. Can't Stand It (live with Andrew Bird and horns) Wilco
20. A World Of Hurt Drive-By Truckers

By popular demand, the 'cast is available in two formats.

Click here
for the popular "uncrackable" 80-minute file for optimum list'nin pleasure.

Click here to receive a zip file containing the individual songs (via Megaupload; ignore the "find the girl of your dreams" advertisements, enter the code, wait 45 seconds and then feel the rock)

EDIT: P.S. Don't forget: this pawdcast is eggs-splicitly designed to be cramm'd onto an 80-minute blank CD.

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