Saturday, May 10, 2008

Aubadecast 1.3

A themed 'cast, of a sort; at least, one that stays within a mood rather than leapscotching and hopfrogging all around the stylistic chessboard. It was created as the soundtrack for the gloomy months of March and April.

So of course I publish it as the sun and green buds emerge, and when Zephyrus with his sweete breth eek remarke on ev'ry holt and heath...

This'll be up for about a week or so (direct-linked, I mean; the Megaupload one will be semi-permanently archived there), then I'll post May's "party-time" podcast.

Aubadecast 1.3

Fall Into The Night
Eliza Gilkyson
Taps Reversed Christine Fellows & John K. Samson
song for the angels (miracle version) Great Lake Swimmers
Doctor Blind Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton
Crooked Legs The Acorn
Santa Clara The National
Hope For Us All Nick Lowe
Falling For Catriona Al Tuck
Billy Gillian Welch & David Rawlings
The Ballad of Love and Hate The Avett Brothers
Beautiful Way Beck (feat. Beth Orton)
Little Waltz Basia Bulat
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) Nancy Sinatra
If Silence Means That Much To You Emma Pollock
Here We Are Patrick Park
Old Song AM
Hail, Mary Shearwater
Quiet Creek Old Man Luedecke

option+click & "save as" for the streaming single-file version

Click here to receive a zip file containing the individual songs (via Megaupload; ignore the purdy gals, enter the code, wait 45 seconds and download)


coffeebaker said...

I wouldn't characterize Hope for Us All as "gloomy", but anyway thanks for posting!

staggerlee said...

Ah, well, I never meant that all the songs were themselves gloomy. But "Hope for us All" is still good gloomy-weather music, no?

michael alvarez-toye said...

something about a they mean like a secret code ring?
remember me-an adherent of the luddite movement...

staggerlee said...
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staggerlee said...

*nudge nudge* ... you know ... THE code...

Um, OK, luddites, here it is: In the upper part of the Megaupload page (above the gals, beside the Megaupload logo) is text what says "Please enter [letter] [letter] [letter] here:"

Enter the three letters and all shall be revealed.

Clint said...

Pretty hoss, real pretty. This'll be good when the June monsoon hits. Thanks fer tha edgeumacation